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.Piety now deals 33 less damage with her Melee attack in Belly of the Beast. Her Cleave damage has been increased slightly. Adjusted the cooldown on the Grazing Taurus sunderesque skill. It is now considered an attack, rather than a spell, for mitigation purposes.

.The following monsters are no longer immune to Taunt The Shaper, The Elder, Guardian of the Phoenix, Guardian of the Minotaur, Guardian of the Hydra, Guardian of the Chimera, The Eradicator, The Enslaver, The Purifier and The Constrictor.

3.The OniGoroshi version of Hillock has more life, deals more damage, and has learned a new trick. Avarius, Reassembled now has more Life. Maligaro and his Map equivalents, as well as Aliras map equivalents, now use a new version of Detonate Dead which explodes all corpses in an area after a delay.

.Female ghosts have been seen roaming the haunted halls of Oriath alongside their male counterparts. The damage and attack speed of the male ghosts has been adjusted. Daressos spinning swords now play an effect when they appear and disappear, it easier to see them. Kitavas Heart and The Elder in his Unsle phase can no longer be slowed below their base speed. This was causing issues with animations playing out of sync with their actions.

.Bameth, Shifting Darkness now better signals when he is using his Vaal Detonate Dead skill. This skill now radiates outwards for a set distance, rather than along all corpses connected to his target. Mongrels found in Act can now be desecrated. They have also been renamed to Ruin Hellions.

.The Damage increase from a monsters rarity Magic, Unique etc has been made multiplicative with other Damage modifiers. This means, for example, that a map mod that increases a bo damage will be significantly more noticeable. Most but not all sources of increased damage such as specific monster or map mods have had their values adjusted to compensate.

Monsters are hostile creatures that reside in almost all areas in Path of Exile, except for towns and hideouts. Slaying monsters is the primary source of gaining experience. Collectors ofmay know, the patch notes of monsters have announced in PoE 3..

.The following monsters have had their base life significantly increased Chaos Golem, Arctic Golem, Ice Golem, Lesser Flame Golem, Lesser Ice Golem and Unearthly Skeleton. Dominus and his map variants are now less likely to skip their audio cues for Touch of God and Light of Divinity.


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